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The story of a alien cop on earth!


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Light years from earth, in the star group of Reticulum, Agent Thaddeus Touch is dealt a blow with the murder of his beloved wife and children.




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After a series of hideous crimes and executions on Reticulum, Touch is determined to track down the killers. He chases the villains to earth where he exhibits healing powers  that are yet to be understood. What follows is a intriguing game of pursuit with laser gun fights to the death and the lust for revenge in the streets of New York.

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The  criminals are led by Dr. Ursula Lund and are determined to complete their heinous DNA mission and kill Touch before he can arrest or eliminate them. While the fugitive alien cop searches for the nefarious Lund and her team in New York, the earth authorities, notably NSA Agent David Hanson, are hot on Touch's trail and are attempting to capture, or kill him as a violent hostile alien.